Our Advantage

advance pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Manus Aktteva Biopharma LLP is well informed, efficient, prompt & competitive.
  • All tasks are undertaken with strict confidentiality and performed under confidentiality agreements put in place wherever required.
  • Projects handled by us are with all the passion and zeal, may it be sourcing a molecule or carrying out and organizing the research services.

Process Development

  • Ability to organize synthesis of most sought after molecules or even current molecules swiftly with final product/ intermediates & molecules well characterized.
  • Our expertise lies in the development of process related parameters such as route scouting, process optimization, product isolation, product purification and scale up.
  • Ability to arrange supply of products with non infringing routes and can work with your process, or arrange to develop a new process; process development to simplify and improve difficult or expensive synthetic routes in very many cases.
  • Documentation support is provided to our customers with their purchase of specific intermediates for Drug master file preparation.
  • FTE service is always available at a very reasonable cost. Typically, a team led by experienced Ph.D. Chemists will be assigned to the client’s special requirements. Weekly reports and tele-conference are regularly used for communication of project progress.
  • Our innovative approach to tackle process development or to trouble shoot the problems helps our customers to succeed.

An On-site Audit

An on-site GMP audit will identify any GMP non-compliance (gap analysis) and recommend how they should be addressed. This is by far the best way to ensure that a company is GMP compliant and regulatory audit ready.
  • We facilitate GMP auditing for equipment, facilities, utilities, processes and process installations.
  • We facilitate onsite factory audits to assure that pharmaceutical intermediates are produced consistently and are strictly controlled to meet both national and international standards appropriate for their intended use. We assist our sources to ensure that related regulatory requirements (FDA) are met.
THE MANUS AKTTEVA BIOPHARMA LLP TEAM WILL CONSISTENTLY DELIVER SWIFT, VALUE BASED AND SATISFACTORY SERVICE TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS and this demonstrates our commitment to making your request an experience that could only be summed up by the words: "Test us to get the best of us".
Why Us
Your product search made swift, simplified & successful in experienced hands. Test us to get the best of us Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Intermediates. New Molecule R&D, Scale up & Commercialization Technical Data package, CMC data package & Drug master files for most of the products as a part of our service Our partnerships are market-driven and are aimed at delivering real business value to our clients To Strive harder & excel further for the sevice of mankind by offering our services to the industry

Global Sourcing

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